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I’ll try and give an example of what we will launch across the entire Island of Saint Lucia next year.

Here in Saint Lucia we have 26 secondary schools teaching students between the age of 11 – 16 years.

What if each school set up, in its own IT department, a very small, local television news station producing a recorded program of no more than 15 minutes once a week, regarding “very” local news that may impact and concern the immediate community around the school and producing it, as we said, once a week. We will explain how easy it is to produce a “Very Local News Program” and upload it to our servers.

Each school will get its own television channel to archive their news items and broadcast other programs of interest. That is already set up to make it happen.

You could even produce larger documentaries for broadcast at a different time or maybe some students could try to make a music video.

Now there is a huge challenge for the students in the documentary and music video production team(s).

What, or who do we need?

Well we need one or two students in front of the camera as presenters.

We need somebody working the cameras in the studio and somebody operating a mixing desk.

We need students collecting and filming the news items and someone to process what they collect and make it ready for broadcast. We may also need someone to do a voice over for those news articles.

Now let’s consider advertising. A way for your school to earn a small amount of money.

Local businesses spending 10 or 20 dollars a week to advertise their services on your news program when you embed their advertisements into your news broadcast. All funds going to the school.

So now we need someone to go out and film an advertisement, someone at the studio to edit the footage to make it presentable and, maybe, somebody to do a voice over for the ad.

Now we start to talk about advertising and news item scriptwriters because somebody has to write the spoken word.

Oh! Lawd – more students required.

The amount of money your school could earn will be minimal but it may buy a few extra rolls of toilet tissue. More importantly you as a school or a select group of your students will attain (specifically) some grasp of the operation of a television studio and (generally) how businesses operate.

We expect to broadcast 7 School News Reports on a Monday and Tuesday and  6 School News Reports on Wednesday and Thursday. Broadcasts will be schedule to start at 8.00 pm (Lucian Time) each night and rebroadcast once or possibly twice during the night and the morning of the next day to enable people who are not “on island” to view at a more convenient time for them. For example 8.00 pm in Saint Lucia is midnight or 1.00 am the next day in the UK. Just a bit late for folks to stay up and watch up to 2 hours of “School News”.

Your School News Reports will be “archived” to your own dedicated television Channel (one per school) so that people can still see your old reports. You may also put other programs of interest on these channels. Possibly you have created some documentaries, music programs or just activities around your school.

Now – what is this going to cost the schools? Well basically nothing because firstly we are not going to charge you a cent and secondly you probably already have most if not all of the equipment to do this.

Almost all of the software you need is free and public domain and if we have to buy anything then I’m sure, for education, we can “do a deal” with the authors providing we give them some advertising on the site – see the panel on the right or below if you’re on a smartphone or smaller tablet.

As a school, what do you do next to get this initiative off the ground?

Just contact us. Nothing ventured – Nothing gained and all for student education.

For our part – We need your content, So START FILMING.

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